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Disembodied Voice Coming From Sky Warns Man Of Possible Side Effects

ELWAY, ID - During an otherwise uneventful stroll thru downtown Elway, Idaho, local man Ethan Nelliger became concerned Tuesday by a mysterious voice emanating from...

Report: I Selfie, Therefore I Am

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - An international conference of philosophers meeting in Geneva this week unanimously endorsed a paper presented by University of Lyon Professor Edwin Grunschveld...

Frozen Iowa Caucus-Goer’s Dying Wish To Own Libs

ORANGE CITY, IA - In the small town of Orange City, where winters can be harsh and unforgiving, local man Aaron Kinsberg made the ultimate...

College Student Relieved To Discover Social Security Will Almost Cover Student Loan Payments When She Retires

SANDUSKY, OH - In the bustling college town where she is working toward her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, local college student Sarah Miler was relieved...

FAA Assured By Boeing Missing Wing Was No Big Deal

  Saying a software fix was on the way, Boeing executives assured authorities at the Federal Aviation Administration last June that an early design of...

Mom’s New Years Resolution To Find Out More About The Rizzler

With the goal of starting off the new year with an interesting side project, local mom Ruth Bridnap made a resolution to do some...

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