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College Student Relieved To Discover Social Security Will Almost Cover Student Loan Payments When She Retires


In the bustling college town where she is working toward her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, local college student Sarah Miler was relieved to discover this week after some calculations that her social security check will almost cover her student loan payment when she retires at age 65.

“I used to worry that I would have to continue holding 2 or 3 jobs even into my 70s to continue paying down the interest on my loans,” she said as she made a cappuccino for a customer during her day shift at Sunrise Coffee Cafe. “But after running the numbers, I realized that my if I apply my entire social security check to my student loan, I will only need to come up with an additional 475 dollars each month to make the payments.”

The fact that she could count on social security to ease the burden of the payments in her twilight years gave her a renewed sense of optimism and determination to excel in her studies. “After four decades of scraping by in a stressful job I took just because it pays more, forgoing a family, renting a crummy one bedroom and not taking vacations, it really gives me a boost to know that social security will be there to help defray the cost of my education.”

“I’m really lucky to live in a country where you can get some help staying out of collections when you’re a senior citizen,” she said. “I feel bad for students in Europe who probably have to deal with the full monthly payment when they are old.”

As of press time, Ms. Miler was investigating whether probate court will allow the sale of her possessions to apply to the principal, in the event she accidentally becomes pregnant in her 30s.

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