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Cheetos Announces New AI Cheetos

Frito Lay, the snack manufacturer and subsidiary of PepsiCo, announced today that they are releasing a new twist on...

AI Fires Missile Toward Russia After Hungry Officer Mistakenly Types In “Launch Order”

QUANTICO, VA - In a surprising development at CENTCOM Air Force Regional headquarters Tuesday, an AI bot launched a missile...

Former President Says He Wasn’t An Officer Since He Was Rarely In The Office

JUPITER, FL - Addressing controversy surrounding his time as president of the United States, former President Donald Trump asserted in...

Frozen Iowa Caucus-Goer’s Dying Wish To Own Libs

ORANGE CITY, IA - In the small town of Orange City, where winters can be harsh and unforgiving, local man...

Founders Terrified Of 34 Year-Old Presidential Candidate Agree It OK To Be Insurrectionist

In the dimly lit chamber where they gathered to sign the US Constitution, a collective sigh of relief echoed...

Friend Quits Job To Painstakingly Hand-Letter 1,200 Christmas Cards With Quill Pen

BARLOW, DELAWARE -  In what you fear might be a case of a person taking Christmas crafting a bit too...

Yale Graduate Announces He Forgot Erything He Lrn At Yale

Governors - they're just like us! makeamericathebest.com Your Trusted Source for Faux News.

Florida School Principal Fired After Math Teacher Writes 69 On Chalkboard

Really there should have been a trigger warning. makeamericathebest.com Your Trusted Source for Faux News.

80 Year Old Generation Of Lawmakers Makes Way For New 90 Year Old Generation To Take Over

People love a good franchise. makeamericathebest.com Your Trusted Source for Faux News.

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