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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Cheetos Announces New AI Cheetos

Frito Lay, the snack manufacturer and subsidiary of PepsiCo, announced today that they are releasing a new twist on their classic snack Cheetos with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, dubbed AI Cheetos.

Saying that the new product is “set to revolutionize the snacking experience”, a press release stated that “AI Cheetos are designed to interact with consumers in ways never seen before, making them not just a treat for the taste buds, but also for the mind.”

The development of AI Cheetos indeed represents a significant leap forward in snack technology, according to Jess Jerggonsen at the University of Pittsburgh’s Academy of Food Sciences. “Using advanced algorithms, these snacks will be able to do things much faster than traditional snacks. And in the future will likely replace all snacks that are not using AI, making them redundant”.

“As Frito Lay continues to push the boundaries of snack innovation, AI Cheetos stand out as a testament to their commitment to providing consumers with not just a snack, but an experience,” said the VP of Snack Lines, Mortun Graerscheldt. “With their blend of technology and flavor, AI Cheetos are poised to become the snack of choice for the digital age.”

As of press time, in anticipation of the efficiencies produced by AI Cheetos, PepsiCo announced the layoffs of 5,000 employees effective immediately.

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