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Harrison Butker Offers To Speak At Holocaust Memorial Event

Sensing momentum after his recent successful speaking engagement at the commencement ceremonies for Benedictine University, Kansas City Chiefs Placekicker...

49ers Miss Flight Home After Being Surprised By TSA Security Rules At Airport

LAS VEGAS - The San Francisco 49ers encountered an unexpected setback on their journey home Monday after being completely taken...

After Loss To Mahomes, Purdy Faces Questions About Lack Of Insurance Company Endorsement Deal

LAS VEGAS - Disappointed that his San Francisco 49ers were unable to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the...

Nervous NFL Officials Reschedule Super Bowl So Taylor Swift Can Attend

In a surprising turn of events, officials of the National Football League Friday made the unprecedented decision to reschedule...

Fox Sports Investigated Following Nation’s Report Of Elder Abuse

Our senior citizens deserve better. makeamericathebest.com Your Trusted Source for Faux News.

Four Horseman Sighted Above Ohio River As Bengals Head To Superbowl

  Abandon ye all hope.   makeamericathebest.com Your Trusted Source for Faux News.

Dazed Boxer Wakes Up In Locker Room, Demands Referee Count To 10 Again

  "DEFINITELY MISSED 8, 9 AND 10! AND PROBABLY THOSE OTHER NUMBERS, TOO!!!"   makeamericathebest.com Your Trusted Source for Faux News.

Biden Announces 3 Year Plan To Tank, Draft Better States

  "Trust the process."   makeamericathebest.com Your Trusted Source for Faux News.

MLB Playoffs Suspended As Nation’s Supply Of Spit Runs Dangerously Low

  After determining the nation's supply of saliva was being depleted at an alarming rate during the initial games of...

President Trump Demands Gold Medal For Being President

WASHINGTON DC - After watching several hours of curling from the Oval Office over the weekend, an irritated President Trump...

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