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Nervous NFL Officials Reschedule Super Bowl So Taylor Swift Can Attend

In a surprising turn of events, officials of the National Football League Friday made the unprecedented decision to reschedule the Super Bowl to accommodate pop sensation Taylor Swift’s busy schedule.

With fans eagerly awaiting her performance in Japan, the NFL swiftly took action to ensure that the global superstar would have plenty of time to fly back to Las Vegas in time for the opening kickoff.

“Obviously, we would have preferred to keep the originally scheduled date for the game,” said Asher Johnson, VP of Operations for the league. “But it seemed to be cutting it too close with her concert in Japan, so out of an abundance of caution, we felt moving the game one day later would ensure she had plenty of time to arrive and be fresh and ready to go.”

While many fans were unhappy that they would need to pay for another night’s hotel and call in sick to work, most understood the decision.

“I don’t know exactly how long it takes to fly from Japan to Las Vegas, but if she is playing a concert the night before, of course you can’t have the game the very next day, ” said Hank Bargeny, who came to the Las Vegas to root for the Kansas City Chiefs. “I may get fired over missing Monday, but I’m sure Taylor scheduled that concert a long time ago, so there’s not much to be done about it.”

As of press time, the NFL was reaching out to Taylor Swift’s manager to make sure that Las Vegas was still OK as a location for the game.

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