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Doctors Say 6-5 Drinks OK For Your Health Mayeb 7


Doctors at the Louisville Medical Research Center anounced this week that its OK to have 6-5 drinks in a siting and 7 is OK to.

The doctors were surorunded by lots of equipmint and test tubse, and said they had been done a lot of studying and they say its OK to have 6-5 drinks at a tiem. The drinks can be beers, wine, and strait up drinks.

Your helth will be OK if you have this many drinks acording to the doctors who were super sERIOUS.


Not All The Time Though

Although its OK to have 6-5 drinks in a seting, they said no way shuold you do it all the time. It’s OK most days, but if you have that nubmer of drinks eery day, you could run into trouble.

Trouble includs: cop cars, noisses, to much drinking, boses yeling at you, Tinder problums, pancakes, and eting to much.


Wont Cure Diseases

The doctors also said in response to questoins that 6-5 drinks a day will not cure you of most ailments. Ailmints include cancer, heart atacks, alergy attaks, head colds, mad cow diseas, and shingles.

Drinking is the best for your helth and also for your freinds to hang out. Its good to be social and have friend.


More Qusetions

In response to even more questions, 4 out of 5 doctors wer not drnking right now, but they said mayeb they should get me a cab. The lady at the desk can cal me one. I said Im fine and feeling REAL good and what the hel are they looking at anyway?

I am not been drinking.

Anyway. 6-5 drinks is OK acording to these jerkwaters. So, I am out of here.

Which way to the dor, Marcus Welby? Never mind, Ill find it yourself.


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