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Local Man Resigned To Paying Wellness Fee Added To Price Of New Car

Local resident Wesley Dimsel was thrilled to find the new car of his dreams at a local dealership. However, as the final paperwork was being prepared, he was taken aback by a $4,000 wellness fee that had been added to the total cost.

While Dimsel appreciated the value these services might offer, he did wonder whether he should pay required to pay them. “The dealership explained that the wellness package included several benefits such as regular health checks for their workers, and a complimentary fitness membership for the owner,” he said. “So, I guess there’s not much I can do.” With the desire to drive away in his new vehicle, he decided to go ahead with the purchase.

As of press time, Dimsel was mulling over whether to select a 15% or 20% tip on the touch screen being held by the dealer.

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