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49ers Miss Flight Home After Being Surprised By TSA Security Rules At Airport


The San Francisco 49ers encountered an unexpected setback on their journey home Monday after being completely taken aback by the series of rules and security requirements to board their plane at the Las Vegas international airport.

Arriving for their flight ten minutes before the scheduled departure, they were surprised to encounter a series of ropes and personnel directing them to a screening area where a long line of people were waiting to have their luggage examined.

“I had no idea that this was a thing,” said Equipment Manager Marvin Stronk. “Everyone knew the flight time and we were all ready to go at the hotel, but I didn’t realize there was going to be this examination business. I don’t see how we’re going to make our flight if we have to wait for whatever this is.”

“Coach had us get our uniforms into the laundry this morning, but nobody said anything about taking my laptop and shampoo out of my bag at the airport,” said defensive lineman Arik Armstead. “We went thru the meal options on the flight, seat assignments, but I guess we should have talked about this long line that we were going to have to wait in.”

“Dang,” he added.

While the unforeseen regulations caused the team to miss their flight, team members did arrive at the gate in time to wave to Chief’s Tight End Travis Kelce thru the window as he boarded Taylor Swift’s private jet.

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