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After Loss To Mahomes, Purdy Faces Questions About Lack Of Insurance Company Endorsement Deal


Disappointed that his San Francisco 49ers were unable to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, Brock Purdy faced some difficult questions Sunday after the game about his lack of endorsement deals with a major insurance company.

With rumors circulating about the surprising omission, analysts suggested several potential factors at play.

“It could be a problem with his agent just not valuing an appearance in a major national TV commercial the way you or I would,” said NFL board member Sean McFershon. “Or perhaps he hasn’t found the right alignment between his own personal values and those of the insurance carrier.”

“But the fact remains that the most important insurance companies are just not looking to Purdy when it’s time to engage an NFL quarterback in a high profile spokesperson role.”

When asked for reasons why Travelers Insurance Group had not approached Purdy, despite having no NFL quarterbacks signed to their brand roster, VP of Advertising Kevin Dowager declined to answer. However, he said he sympathized with Purdy’s predicament. “There are only so many US Insurance Companies with the kind of resources necessary to sign a quarterback to a three or four year deal. It’s a tough market, and you have to have all the right ingredients for success.”

While no insurance company deals were on the horizon, as of press time Purdy was being evaluated for a possible cameo appearance in a Little Caesar’s spot.

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