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Mom’s New Years Resolution To Find Out More About The Rizzler

With the goal of starting off the new year with an interesting side project, local mom Ruth Bridnap made a resolution to do some more internet research on who exactly the Rizzler was.

An online persona that had sparked her curiosity when she heard him referred to in a video her son was playing, Bridnap couldn’t resist the urge to embark on a personal quest to learn more about him. “The name sounded so intriguing to me,” said 39 year-old Bridnap. “I guess his name reminded me of Twizzlers which I absolutely love. And I just became curious who he was and if he had any cooking videos, or Pinterest posts I could follow.”

Reserving Thursday night on her calendar to do some digging, Bridnap picked up some frozen pizzas so that her husband and kids could fix their own dinner, and purchased some decaf so she could have a cup while at the computer. “I always like to have some coffee if I’m spending time at the computer. I think it’s because it reminds me of staying up so late doing research in college for term papers,” she added.

As a bonus, Bidnap planned to share what she discovered about the current internet personality with her friends during their weekly catch-up at the coffee shop. “We’re always sharing the latest posts on Facebook and this should be a good one.”

The Rizzler has such a mysterious ring to it,” she laughed. “I’m guessing he’ll be pretty intriguing!”

As of press time, sources say Bridnap had immediately abandoned the resolution after googling the word gyat.

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