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CIA Evacuates Al Pacino To Remote Island After Receiving Coded Message ‘Maria The Oppenheimer’

In a surprising turn of events following the 2024 Academy Awards, the CIA reportedly evacuated legendary actor Al Pacino to a remote island in the South Pacific by helicopter following Pacino’s mysterious on-air utterance of the words “Maria The Oppenheimer” during his presentation of the Award for Best Picture.

The message, which is believed to be part of a covert communication intended for a sleeper agent or operative, was read abruptly by Pacino shortly after walking on stage.

“The helicopter touched down over there,” said a member of the waitstaff at the after-party at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, motioning to an open area of the hotel parking lot. “The pilot motioned for Pacino to come over, and he just hopped in the chopper and was gone.”

“He didn’t seem too worried, although I don’t think he finished his ribeye,” he added.

The actor, known for his roles in iconic films such as “The Godfather” and “Scarface,” is said to be safe and under the protection of government operatives.

Sources within the CIA have not disclosed the location of the island or any further details about the operation, however as of press time studio executives seeking to shoot “Scent Of A Woman – Hoo Ahh 2” had narrowed it down to 274 possibilities and announced their squad of interns were getting close to figuring it out.

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