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Marketing Manager Unaware AI Spending $1 Million Per Minute Running Company’s Ad On Pinterest

Marketing Manager Kevin Milzigren of local skin care products company Skintastics, was blissfully unaware Friday as he aimlessly scrolled thru vacation options in Mexico that he had inadvertently authorized an AI algorithm to spend $1 million per minute for his company’s new ad campaign on Pinterest.

The campaign, for the company’s new lip moisturizer “Balm Bud”, was authorized on the company’s Pinterest account by Milzigren a few hours earlier after he mistakenly added several extra zeros and authorized his AI software to increase budget as needed for the broadest reach possible.

Inundated by product image and tagline for up to a half hour at a time, millions of smart phone users in North American took to social media to vent their frustrations. “I refreshed my screen 27 times and each time the ad just kept coming right back,” said Pinterest user Jane Alorja-Rios. “It was so distracting I finally thru my phone against a wall trying to make it go away.”

Although the company benefited from the wide exposure, as of press time it was decided a new ad campaign was needed to address the memes mocking the product as “Balm Butt”.

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