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Disney+ Announces New 14-Episode Series Focused On Origin Story Of Baby Greedo


In a bid to recapture the popularity of baby Yoda from the prequel series “The Mandalorian,” Disney+ announced Tuesday it is moving into production of a 14-episode series centered around the origin story of baby Greedo from the beloved Star Wars universe.

“Based on the high metrics of fan interest in baby Yoda, we wanted to give the Star Wars audience this gripping exploration into Greedo’s upbringing, motivations, and the events that shaped him into the character fans know and love today”, said Marisha Duvernay, EVP of Disney+ SciFi Properties.

Filming for the series, which is set to begin in September, will expand on the character’s original four minutes of screen time into a 15-hour odyssey detailing Greedo’s early life and adventures.

Fans can expect a blend of action, adventure, and heartwarming moments as they follow Greedo’s journey from his early days as a charming baby to becoming the notorious bounty hunter viewers are familiar with. “All while still providing the thrilling magic that fans have come to expect from our Star Wars properties,” Duvernay said.

Malvin Herschtechs, Director of IP Investments, who gave the green light on the project, expected a strong increase in new subscriptions for Disney+ based on the new addition.

“Following on our 21-episode series centered around Han Solo’s gardener, our recently announced trilogy on Chewbacca’s cousin Gnawbrock, and the animated seven-part series on Salacious B Crumb, the original story of Greedo will provide fans with yet another reason to choose Disney+, and should nicely round out our revenue targets for the first half of Q2 2025.”

As of press time casting was still in progress, but was slated to include Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer, Billie D. Williams and Mark Hamill once use of their AI likenesses was approved by Disney legal counsel.

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