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This Day In Science – 1924

This Day in Science:

This day in 1924, the culmination of years of effort came to fruition when researchers at the Krumrye Laboratories in Scotland discovered a scent that caused people in large crowds who breathed in the odor to immediately begin urinating uncontrollably until their bladders were completely emptied.

The scientific team, which conducted experiments over an eight year period at area rugby matches before settling on the right formulation was led by Professor Arthur MacGerson.

“There was a lot of trial and error involved” said Professor MacGerson. “The first 2 years, we would have only 10 or 20 attendees who urinated immediately. Others typically felt an urge to urinate, but were able to make it to the outhouses provided. It was in the 7th year that we had the breakthrough, and we knew that we had done it. But of course, we continued the experiments for another year to make sure the results were valid.”

At a match in East Windsor on October 2nd, Queen Mary was given a royal demonstration of the powerful scent and was said to have peed for several minutes before remarking that she was very impressed with the work of the scientists, and could she please have a towel.


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