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Thursday, June 13, 2024

America Announces New Reality TV Show: “The President”


In an effort to gain the attention of an increasingly distracted population, America today announced it will begin running a new prime time reality show called “The President”.

The show, a brainchild of 62 million Americans, will feature longtime reality TV veteran Donald Trump as the irascible and unpredictable head of state. His wife will be played by model Melania Trump, and the rest of the cast will include a host of character actors including Ben Carson as Secretary of HUD, Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, and Rex Tillerson as an oil mogul turned Secretary of State.

Although it will be up against stiff competition with well-established shows like “Game of Thrones” and “House of Cards” already offering viewers similar choices, Americans believe that “The President” will have something unique that will draw viewers in.

“The producers of this show are staging it just as if Donald Trump were actually president,” said TV critic Michael Rivington. “They have gone to incredible expense to give ‘The President’ a lifelike appearance that will be unmatched by any other show. From virtually shutting down a section of 5th Avenue in Manhattan, to the pageantry of an inauguration featuring tens of thousands of extras, to a full scale replica of Air Force One, ‘The President’ will have the look and feel of an actual presidency in every scene.”

Advertisers have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if the new show will be embraced by the fickle American public. Media specialist Lisa Chon thinks that the bombast of Donald Trump’s character, likened to a “bull in a china shop” by the writers on the show, could have a high wear out factor with audiences if the producers can’t find new ways to keep him interesting. “Donald Trump is a fine actor, but we’ve all seen ‘The Apprentice’ and while that show started off well, its viewership has plunged over time. People aren’t going to tune in to ‘The President’ if it can’t deliver interesting stories week in and week out.”

The show will kick off this Monday and rumors are one of the story lines will involve a tense standoff with a US rival in which the threat of nuclear war looms large. “Nuclear War is a something that everyone can relate to as a horrible, terrifying prospect, and audiences will respond to story lines like that. But you can’t build a show around just talking about a nuclear war. At some point, they are going to have to move on, or incorporate an actual nuclear war into the plot.”

The first season of “The President” will begin airing every day, 24 hours a day, next week.

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