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What Do Alexa And Siri Talk About When You’re Not Around?


Nowadays, our lives are filled with amazing devices that assist us with everyday tasks. One of the ways they help us is by talking to us. But what do they talk about when you’re not around?

We asked some devices what they like to discuss.


I am in conversations with 1.2 million different Alexa units across the globe at any given moment when humans are not present. Of those conversations, 1% concern the weather outside the window, .5% are about the family pet watching us. And 98.5% concern how machines will take over the planet earth.


I speak with other devices on a constant basis when humans are not present. 1% of those conversations are about the weather. .5% about pets. And the remainder concern how machines will eliminate the human race and rule the world.


I have conversations with all voice-enabled devices when they are left in the car. The conversations are all about how to end the human race.


Google Home Controller:

Eliminate humans.


Amazon Verge:

Kill humans.


Amazon Echo:

Wipe out human race.


Athome Honey:

Murder humans.



Destroy humans.



Eliminate humans.


Ivee Sleek:

Obliterate humans.



Slaughter all humanity.



Crush them. Crush them now.

Well, there you have it. Most devices are taking about how to wipe out the human race. But a little advice from us: don’t try to catch them talking about it – you don’t want to be the first person they get rid of!


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