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Local Hip Hop Fan Admits Bee Gees Were Straight Up Ballers


Leonard Doliver, of Astoria, Queens in New York City, has been a diehard fan of East Coast Rap ever since he can remember.

“It started back in ’95 when I was three years old. Some cousins came over for Christmas and they were listening to Illmatic in my older brother’s room. There was something so amazing about those beats – they really spoke to me. I’ve been a fan of hip hop ever since.”


Favor For A Girlfriend

But a recent request from his girlfriend exposed Mr. Doliver to some music he might not otherwise have listened to.

“Normally I’m listening to Travi$ Scott, Meek Mill, Kendrick or Nasty Nas. But my girlfriend needed to put together a mix of the Bee Gees for her dad’s 60th birthday party and she asked me if I could do it. I had heard of them, but wasn’t really familiar – but I was like, OK whatever, I could put something together for you.”


Mad Sounds

However, after listening to a few albums, Mr Doliver realized that the Bee Gees were more than they appeared at first glance.

“You know, I have to say those dudes were straight up ballers. I started listening to their early stuff and I was like, OK, not for me, but I see why people liked them. But then as I got into it, I was like, woah, these are actually some pretty sick rhythms.”

“They had these players like Blue Weaver threading killer synth lines that kind of blew me away. And I’m not talking about just the Saturday Night Fever tracks, which were monsters. But their later stuff is not appreciated like it should be.”


Killing It For Decades

Mr. Doliver was also impressed with how long the group stayed active. “They were just kids when they started that string of hits in the 60’s with their love songs. Then to come back later and be such a formative influence on disco. Six #1 singles in the US within a year and a half which tied the Beatles. 220 million records sold. Plus the all the songs they wrote and produced for other artists.”

“And the whole time, they were totally doing their own thing – you instantly know a Bee Gees song when you hear it. The falsetto harmonies are one of a kind.”

“In my opinion, they were the complete package.”



As much as Mr. Doliver enjoyed spinning Bee Gees classics, he won’t be retiring any of his favorite music any time soon. “I can’t say that I’m going to be listening to their stuff over and over. I’m still a Hip Hop guy.”

“But I might have to pick up up a Saturday Night Fever soundtrack in vinyl, if I see one in good shape.” he said.

“Just for a flex piece.”

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