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NRA Proposes Gun Restrictions On People Who Are Angry At The NRA


In a remarkable turnabout this week in the nation’s gun rights debate, the National Rifle Association today urged Congress to draft legislation to prohibit the sale of assault weapons, handguns – or firearms of any kind – to angry anti-gun activists.

“These people are getting out of control, and Congress should move immediately to take guns away from the dangerous and unpredictable advocates of gun control. There is plenty of evidence in their enraged interviews showing that they are a menace to gun rights supporters everywhere,” said the statement.


2nd Amendment Meant To Protect

Citing the 2nd Amendment as proof that the framers of the Constitution intended to protect groups like the NRA from angry citizens, the organization urged Congress to take weapons away from “supporters of Bernie Sanders, Democrats, or anyone advocating gun restrictions who could potentially decide to take up arms against us.”

“Our cherished 2nd amendment clearly states that the rights of a ‘well regulated Militia’ shall not be infringed,” read the statement. “The NRA is extremely well-organized with 300 million dollars in annual funding – whereas individuals who oppose the NRA are not regulated, and do not fall under the second amendment.”

Other items that would be part of the proposed ban on non-NRA members owning guns include knives, baseball bats, bricks, megaphones, posters, and social media accounts.


Congress To Hold Town Hall Meeting

Members of Congress pledged to hold a public forum where members of the NRA could voice their fears, and discuss possible solutions to the dangers posed by gun control advocates.

“The time has come for us to finally enact meaningful gun restrictions on people who oppose guns,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “There is no reason an individual who demonstrates a desire to limit gun ownership should be allowed to carry a dangerous weapon. We owe it to our gun owners to act.”

The House also pledged to take up the measure, with the goal of delivering a law to the Mar-A-Lago clubhouse for the President’s signature before his 11am tee time on Saturday.

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