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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Confused President Trump Lands In Japan, Salutes Hello Kitty Mascot


After a long flight aboard Air Force One to begin his 12 day tour of Asia, President Trump disembarked onto the tarmac at Haneda Airport outside Tokyo in the early morning hours and promptly saluted a Hello Kitty mascot.

The President, apparently mistaking the mascot for the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, saluted the colorful costumed figure after stepping off the gangway saying “it’s good to see you again, Prime Minister”. The mascot, who had been arranged to welcome the first family, did not speak but raised it’s arms to show confusion as to why the President was saluting.

Secret Service members quickly marshaled the President into a waiting car, so that he could be taken to his hotel, where he would later meet the real Prime Minister. When asked why the President was saluting Hello Kitty, an aide said he was very tired from the long journey, and was just having some fun. To which the President responded, “I don’t remember the Prime Minister having such a wide head. Is that normal here?”


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