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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Texas Governor Relieved 2nd Amendment Unharmed During Multi-City Shooting Spree

An anxious Texas governor breathed a huge sigh of relief Sunday when told that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was not among the 21 injured and 7 killed by a gunman wielding a military assault rifle while driving thru the western part of his state this weekend.

“Whew, that’s really good news,” said the gun rights supporter and 48th Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot. “You never knows who’s going to get shot in a deal like this, so I was glad to hear the second amendment was not hurt by the evil actions of this madman exercising his constitutionally protected right to possess a firearm.”

As eight new pro-gun laws took effect in Texas, including one that makes it easier to hide a rifle in a school parking lot, the governor expressed confidence that the state’s current laws are sufficient to prevent more mass shootings:

“We must keep guns out of the hands of criminals like the gunman in Odessa,” he said. “And even more importantly, we should make sure they are never pointed at the Bill of Rights, and in particular at the words “right of the people to keep and bear Arms.”

Although the governor has no plans to strengthen gun laws despite mass shootings in six different cities during his tenure, sources say he intends to convene a round table as soon as possible to discuss protective measures aimed at ensuring the second amendment never again comes this close to danger.

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