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Pleasing Out Of Focus Christmas Lights Outside Window Actually Oncoming Runaway Train

Relaxing with a cappuccino during the busy holiday season at your nearby coffee shop usually brings a moment of calm to an otherwise chaotic few weeks, which is why you were surprised to discover those pretty out of focus lights outside the window were not from a Christmas display down the street, as you originally thought, but from an oncoming runaway train headed toward you.

The train’s horn, which has been blasting in the distance, was apparently not part of the brass section in the rendition “Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem” playing over the coffee shop’s speakers. And the blinking red lights in a shape of a candy cane are actually attached to emergency vehicles speeding alongside the train, and not, as you imagined, hanging from a giant Christmas tree.

Sources say the train, which is traveling at a dramatically high rate of speed, was due to arrive thru the coffee shop window sometime in the next 1 minute. However, the lights are expected to look magical for at least another 35 seconds.

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