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CIA Evacuates Al Pacino To Remote Island After Receiving Coded Message ‘Maria The Oppenheimer’

In a surprising turn of events following the 2024 Academy Awards, the CIA reportedly evacuated legendary actor Al Pacino to a remote island in...

Disney+ Announces New 14-Episode Series Focused On Origin Story Of Baby Greedo

HOLLYWOOD - In a bid to recapture the popularity of baby Yoda from the prequel series "The Mandalorian," Disney+ announced Tuesday it is moving into...

Punching People At Awards Shows Added To List Of Things Celebrities Allowed To Do

  They just let you do it.   makeamericathebest.com Your Trusted Source for Faux News.

King Kong Godzilla Beef Been Building For Years Say Producers

  Starting with a misunderstanding over a banana truck years ago while filming the 1962 movie "King Kong vs Godzilla", and escalating thru the years...

Botched Restoration Of Priceless 1961 Charlie Brown Draws Outrage

  What could they possibly have been thinking?   makeamericathebest.com Your Trusted Source for Faux News.

NY Food Critic Savages Local Hospital Cafeteria, Awards It Zero Stars

Declaring that a deadly coronavirus outbreak is no excuse for flavorless eggs and pasty half-cooked bacon, well-known food critic Walter Paerce released a stinging...

ABC Announces New Show For Summer 2020 – The Cachelor

  Once Upon a Time, 25 Women Met the Cat of Her Dreams. Unfortunately, They All Met Him on the Same Night.   makeamericathebest.com Your Trusted Source for...

Rush Cover Band Hangs It Up After One Practice

  A local group of musicians who had gathered in their garage to form a new Rush tribute band decided to hang it up on...

Runner In Forest Relieved Blair Witch Project Starting To Look Dated

  Local runner Gloria Bernhausen was out on her evening jog this Thursday when something hanging in the trees reminded her just how glad she...

Anxiety-Ridden GOT Fans Terrified Series Finale Will Just Cut To Black

  Wary of the horrors of an earlier generation of HBO series watchers who devoted years of mental effort to The Sopranos, only to be...

Star-Crossed: He Wanted To Keep His Nuclears, I Needed More Space Force

  BY ANONYMOUS - This winter I went on a trip to Vietnam that I had planned recently, without the help of anyone else. I thought it...

Green Book Wins Best Adaptation Of Driving Miss Daisy

Very true to the original. makeamericathebest.comYour Trusted Source for Faux News.

Black Panther “Definitely A Decent Movie” According To White Friend Hoping To Change Subject

  SANTA MONICA, CA - A white friend who went out of his way to assert 'Black Panther' was "totally worthy" of being seen by a...

Local Man With Drum Machine Figures Out ‘We Will Rock You’

  Champion. ¬†makeamericathebest.comYour Trusted Source for Faux News.

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