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Amazon Announces Construction Of More Exclusive “New Hamptons”


Responding to a growing need for luxury housing in The Hamptons area of Long Island for the workers in its new headquarters, Amazon has announced construction of approximately 250 square miles of new island that will begin where The Hamptons currently ends.

Dubbed “New Hamptons,” the new land area will feature estates that are 3-4 times larger than those available in the current Hamptons.

While construction costs will be upwards of 200 billion dollars, there is already a company waiting list for the new housing and Amazon does not expect any problem recouping the costs. “Of course, the novelty will encourage a lot of people living in the current Hamptons to try and sell their estates and move to the more exclusive New Hamptons” said realtor Mercer Wongg in nearby Riverhead.  “We expect to see a lot of consolidation among existing properties into larger estates as the current residents move east.”

The considerable tonnage of gravel, rock and sand to create the extension to Long Island will be shipped via barges from New London, Connecticut, where property values are much lower and parts of the city can be raised to provide the necessary island-building materials.

Although no shortfalls in construction costs are expected for the New Hamptons, any overruns for the additional island area will be covered by upcoming infrastructure bills by the New York legislature.


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