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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ben Carson Not Thinking About Announcing New HUD Pyramid Grain Silos


The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Wednesday that Secretary Ben Carson is not mulling over using a portion of the Housing and Urban Development budget to construct grain silos in the form of giant stone pyramids on the edge of the nation’s capital.

“No, he is not thinking about that at all”, said HUD spokesperson Naomi Charms. “There have been no conversations about building giant stone pyramids using a portion of the HUD budget, which is dedicated by law to improving housing conditions for American families throughout the nation.”


Not Making Calls

“Also, Secretary Carson has not placed any calls to river front property owners along the Potomac asking about soil testing, or whether they had seen any crocodiles in the river recently.”

“Secretary Carson also was not in the HUD break room between the hours of 9 and 10 pm last Wednesday, when it was established that someone made those calls and spoke in a whisper, telling the parties on the other end that he had a cold.”

“And in any event, if Secretary Carson was thinking about building giant stone pyramids using the HUD budget, which he is not, then obviously those would be built for human habitation, and not the storage of grain” said Ms. Charms. “And as I said earlier, he is absolutely not officially considering that at all at this time.”

Secretary Carson, who was standing a few feet away during the press conference, had no comment.


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