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President Trump Inaugurated, Ushers In Golden Age Of Satire


Donald Trump took the oath of office for President of the United States on Friday, ushering in what poets, playwrights, novelists and scholars down thru the ages agree will be human civilization’s golden age of satire.

Reached at his tomb in Athens, Aristophanes, author of the greatest satirical plays of ancient Greece, was elated at the prospects of a Trump presidency. “It was challenging to keep coming up with new material in our day. Figures like King Cleon and Callimedon were full of flaws and made dumb mistakes, but they had at least some self-awareness and tried to project an aura of decency. Trump is a satirical gold mine.”

Italian Giovanni Boccaccio, author of the Decameron who satirized corrupt rulers of medieval Europe, sees nothing but good things for satire in the coming years. “It is like, how you Americans say, shooting fish in a barrel. Or falling off the log. If medieval Italy had had such a ruler, my job would have been much easier and I could have finished early every day and gone to the beach. I envy your American writers today. They will have much free time.”

Geoffrey Chaucer, too, was excited by the inauguration. “Richard the II, Son of the Black Prince, was an awful king who bullied his rivals and imprisoned them. But he was cunning and no one’s fool. Alas, I was born too soon.”

Other satirists from the Age of Enlightenment like Alexander Pope, Jonathan Swift and John Gay, were very bullish on the prospects of a Trump Presidency. Said Alexander Pope “when the wheel was invented, mankind’s burden’s were made easy. So it will be for the satirists with the invention of President Trump.” John Gay added wistfully, “it would have been something for us, to awake every morning and open the newspaper to find an English King holding forth in that manner. They say truth is funnier than fiction, and so it is.”


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