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Local Man Wants Feeling Back He Had in Section L Row 27 Seat 261


A local man who has been struggling with a general malaise recently headed over to the Gribmley Ice Arena on Tuesday to see if he couldn’t get the feeling back he had in Section L, Row 27, Seat 261.

“Things have been a little slow at work, and I have kind of given up the dating thing for now, so basically I’m just looking for things to do and the ice arena is kind of a cool place,” he said. “No pun intended.”

Mr. Marischevitz drove over to the ice arena and entered, passing by the trophy cases in the lobby that display the local high school’s State Tournament appearances going back to 1953. “I went to Grimbly High before they merged with Narrow Falls back in 1988. We went to the state semifinals two years in a row. Those were good times.”

After watching a junior varsity game, Mr. Marischevitz wandered over to the section he had been sitting in when the Grimbly Hornets won a close game on a slap shot with :17 left in regulation. “It was just a flukey thing. The shot was from out at the blue line and hit some traffic out front before going in. The whole place erupted. It was pretty cool.”

Although he had seen other close games in the arena, that particular seat that made for a special moment. “I don’t know if it’s the sight lines, or just the shape of it. It looks to me just like the other 2,575 seats, but I really enjoyed sitting in it. I would take it home if they would let me. I really would.”

Asked if he would try to purchase that seat again for another game, Mr. Marischevitz said he absolutely will. “I mean, if that seat wasn’t available, I would still go to the game. But I will definitely request it again. In fact, I will probably stop by the box office on my way out to see if the Hornets are playing this week.”

“Yeah, that seat is pretty cool,” he said, looking out at the ice. “Pretty darn cool.”


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