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Life Coach Looking To Slide Some Positivity Into Your DM


Motivational Speaker and Life Coach Bradley Elldon spends his days working to improve the lives of everyday people with his inspirational quotes and advice.

And after multiple visits to your Twitter profile this week, he is also thinking about sliding some positive messaging into your DM.


Coffee Or Dinner Are Possibilities

The Professional Life Tipper, Biorhythm Consultant, and author of “Can’t Keep Me In Check! Ten Secrets To Business Based On Chess Moves” has been admiring your profile and thinks he can help you.

Ready to hit you up with his unique brand of life skills management, he might propose giving you his “Life’s Lessons Learned” speech over coffee some afternoon. Or maybe he’ll take you to dinner and offer career advice based on your biorhythm chart – a chart that he will read for free.

Offering to pay when the check comes, Life Coach Brad will volunteer constructive tips on your money management. And when he holds open the door as you leave, he’ll deftly use his trademark phrase: “I can help you open the door to your future, too.”


Maybe A Trip To An Amusement Park

Using the power of direct messaging to change your life, Business Expert Brad will DM you on a consistent basis to wear down your objections to a second date.

Waking the hidden potential inside you to feel sorry for him, Marketing Guru Brad will surround you with supportive comments. And to demonstrate the importance of looking at the world from a new vantage point, he’ll convince you against your better judgement to go for a ride on a Ferris wheel.


Sex Predator Registry Not An Issue

As a result of the power of negotiation, your online search of “Life Coach Brad Elldon” will turn up only encouraging affirmations, since his attorney plea bargained the DA to drop the Peeping Tom charge.

Life tactics such as these will be the kind of support that Life Coach Brad will impart to you on your dates, assuming he can get you to follow his feed.

His positivity is waiting to slide into your life. If only you will unblock him from your DM.

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