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Bee Looking Forward To Dinosaurs Ruling Planet Again

As bees everywhere continue to dwindle in numbers as part of their master plan to starve the human race, a local bee said he was looking forward to seeing the dinosaurs finally return once humans are extinct. “Humans have really botched things up big time,” said the bee, who declined to be named out of concern the colony would find out he was talking to the press.

“There are all these chemicals in the air and water that are really harmful to the natural world,” he said. “And global warming. Plus, what is up with cancelling ‘Kevin Can Wait’? That was like the dumbest move ever,” said the bee.

“Kevin James is the best thing on TV right now. A strong premise, funny dialogue. It’s hard to root for a species that does things like that.”

Bees estimate it will take about 10 million years after the last human dies before dinosaurs are back to roaming the earth, at which point the bees will come out from hiding from their secret caves under the sea. “We’ve been planning this for about two hundred years, but we had to get the caves ready to live in first – so, we’re just finally starting to move down there.”

While he says he will miss human-produced animated features like “A Bug’s Life” and “Antz”, the bee is looking forward to seeing the giant reptiles making a comeback.

“Dinosaurs vs humans? I think even humans would agree which is cooler,” said the bee. “How awesome is a velociraptor battling a triceratops? It’s really no contest. Personally, I can’t wait.”

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