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Local Man Who Lived With Secret Family For 6 Months Discovers Original Family Didn’t Realize He Was Gone

Local man Jonathan Windsor of East Peoria, Illinois, had been quietly leading a double life for several years after he met and later fathered two children with a woman in nearby Elmwood unbeknownst to his wife and three children.

While he was a frequent traveler, and the routines of daily life seemed to carry on seamlessly without him when he was staying in Elmwood, he was unprepared for his return on Friday after being gone for 6 months as his original wife and kids seemed not to notice he had been gone at all.

“It really kind of stings”, he said as he watched his East Peoria family playing in the yard, seemingly untroubled that he had lost contact with them for an entire spring and summer, only to return in time for the holidays. “I was expecting at least an acknowledgement that I hadn’t slept or ate here for several months, but I guess they must have figured I was in the next room or something.”

Busy the hustle and bustle of their own activities, from the children’s school commitments to caring for her aging parents, Jonathan’s wife in East Peoria, Cindy, admitted she had not been aware the subtle nuances of her husband’s presence was missing. “I kept thinking he must be either in the garage or maybe downstairs binge watching something,” she said, as her youngest daughter Beverly asked for a juice box.

“Normally I go to bed earlier than he does, so I’m not surprised I didn’t notice he wasn’t sleeping here – but I guess it was weird that he wasn’t in my way to shut off the alarm clock, since it’s on his side of the bed.”

As of press time, Cindy was surprised to find she had a couple more loads of laundry to do than normal.

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